2 Kings: A Modern Bible Commentary

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And if you measure the way they behave against your norms, you could end up misinterpreting their motives: a brit would probably suspect his french colleagues of duplicity if they went behind his back 2 Kings: A Modern Bible Commentary the boss; A french responsable might think his german subordinate was trying to cover something up if she failed to report back to him regularly; And a japanese manager might think his european counterpart was being a prima donna if he made a policy change without consultation.

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1 and 2 Kings (Understanding The Bible Commentary Series)

What about the nuggets only found in the greek, like agape vs phileo love. But when she came in, and went to the beds, both the children were gone. I show neither fear nor compunction.

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The end of Ahaziah’s rule as king of *Israel

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Michael Heiser — What’s the Significance of Elisha & the Bears (2 Kings 2:23–25)?